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Cady Abarca presents his Academy-Award Winning short ONE-DAY TRIP (El Viaje), for its online premier.
This film tells the story of two young boys who embark on a journey to one of the sleaziest places in Lima, Peru where one of the boys’ devastating secret is revealed.
ONE-DAY TRIP (35mm/17 min) shot on location using a combination of actors and non-actors, explores an intense and complex story structured to challenge the audience’ expectations.
ONE-DAY TRIP won the Oscar in the Student Drama Category, and other awards such as Best Director, Best Film, and Best Art Design. It was selected to compete in International Film Festivals in São Paulo, Seoul, Los Angeles, Tampere, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, among others.
Director/Writer/Editor: Cady Abarca; Starring: Eugenio Do Nascimento, Pablo Ucañay, Monica Rossi and Magali Bolivar. DP: Frank Barrera; Music: Irene Vivanco.